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A.F.L. Drink Responsibly

Don’t drink and drive. This isn’t only a simple bicycle. We’d say it is a message to its owner. It was supposed to shepherd the weak owner through the valley of darkness. Though for once it could not have struck down those who attempt to […]


A.F.L. Rollo

Ne jen singlespeedem živ je člověk. Někteří z nás jednoduše nemůžou bez přehazovačky ujet ani metr. Vždycky se ale nějaká najde a je vymalováno. Osm rychlostí, superlehký ocelový rámec s klasickýma brzdama dvojtahovkama, přehazkou vzadu a prost veškerých dalších zbytečností, tak to je AFL Rollo.


A.F.L. Froggy

česká verze | english version Many birds has died while renovating this bicycle. Ofcourse they did, it was so hot that assfault was melting on the streets and little birdies were diyng from the heat. Froggy, although it is a small bicycle, has one thing […]


A.F.L. Annalyhater

česká verze | english version A.F.L. Annalyhater continues in tradition of performance bicycles with planetary gearbox in rear hub — Orange Cab, St. Joseph’s Miracle, Mr. Wayland. Appearance of our last product follows the way of models like Shogun, Timur or Slayer. This time we […]


A.F.L. Ganja Licker

česká verze | english version We did a classic piece for Břéťa . A frame that he used as a kid, hearty thing and only cool parts on it. Ideal bike for everybody who thinks that they need gears. This bike has one more gear […]


A.F.L. China

česká verze | english version AFL China is a cheap shit. Unridable bike. Front of the frame is crashed, so the geometry is wrong. Bike is mostly built from old parts, just the rear wheel is new – the cheapest on the market. Chinese coaster […]


A.F.L. Kykulo

česká verze | english version The first roadbike from AFL. Precisely tuned for both paved and unpaved roads in a hilly region of Karpaty. Stiff steel frame, anti-puncture tires from Schwalbe, light and stiff coloured rims, effective brakes. Very comfortable and efficient as well. That is […]


Madrid Bikes

AFL Crew does not spend time only in its frozen workshop but travels around the world to get warmer. Last time in Madrid expecting hot and sunny weather we got to know that winter can be frosty even in Spain. Whatever, bikes were there and […]

A.F.L. Daisy

A.F.L. Daisy

We already rebuilt many folding bikes, but this one is truly the lightest. Every useless part was removed or replaced: heavy iron chainset was replaced by the aluminium one, pedals cut so they won’t scratch assFault, tyres were made for some kind of hospital wheelchair. […]

A.F.L. Funeral

A.F.L. Funeral

This bike gave us a little trouble. No spare parts available and new parts look like shit on it or do not match at all. Non existing tools for such an oldie. Shitload of vulgar words which we said during the rebuild would have enough […]