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Frost Lickers 2015

Na kole jízda z Břeclavi do Brna, sobota 31/1/2015. Sraz v parku v Břeclavi 9:30, helma povinná. Pro účastníky je vypraven zvláštní vlak R 805 z Brna 8:36, příjezd do Břeclavi 9:20. Facebook event


AFL Alleycat 2014 – Snapshots

česká verze | english version > Snapshots from alleycat. <


AFL Alleycat 2014 – results

česká verze | english version Overal Standings # name time rank arrival 37 Pavel Trčala 1:01 1 16:17 6 Kuba Čuli 1:04 2 16:20 30 Robin 1:04 3 16:20 23 Ku3o 1:07 4 16:23 43 Aleš 1:08 5 16:24 17 Kruger 1:08 6 16:24 16 […]


AFL Alleycat Brno 2014

česká verze | english version Summer AFL Alleycat in Brno on Saturday 14 / 6 / 2014. Registration since 14:00, start at 15:00. Location: bower in park below the Petrov cathedral. Afterparty at the same place after finish. facebook event


A.F.L. Broadcasted

česká verze | english version Czech Television Brno came to us to make some shooting. They heard that we are the best bike factory in Brno and in surrounding area. We gave them a workshop how to tension a chain and how to remove a […]


Frost Lickers 2014

česká verze | english version Let’s gather in Břeclav in the park close to the trainstation around famous fountain in there. Then we’re gonna ride to Brno, fight with severe weather, lick the frost. The finish is going to be in cafe Trojka in Domikánská […]


A.F.L. Bike Garage

česká verze | english version Let’s serve you some pictures from our garage taken during last few months. The main thing of such a bike garage is clear. Soundsystem at least 2kW. We have 4kW. That’s quite enough for a beautiful and loud sound. Then […]

pentagram alleycat - flyer


english version | česká verze Bike race through Brno registration – 13:00 entry – 50CZK start – 14:00 afterparty – after the race, Cafe Trojka, everybody is invited Checkpoints: BORO klub, Křenová 75 Brno Observatory and Planetarium, Kraví hora 2 Villa Tugendhat, Černopolní 45 Faculty […]

Frost Lickers 2013

Snapshots from Frost Lickers 2013

jihomoravska silnice

Frost Lickers 2013 report

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